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When a situation arises whether due to pain or urgency, you need to find an orthopedic surgeon. At Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute we have been privileged enough to be the home of a group of top surgeons in the country.
With their vast experience in orthopedic surgery and its many facets, Dr. Appel, Dr. Joseph, Dr. Gilas, and Dr. Thomas offer quality service in every area of orthopedics.
Areas Our Orthopedic Surgeons Treat:

  • Neck & Back Problems
  • Shoulder
  • Hand & Wrist issues
  • Knee Injuries
  • Hip Conditions
  • Ankle & Foot Problems
  • Elbow Problems

If you have never had an orthopedic surgery before and are not sure where to start, read this blog about how to find the top orthopedic surgeon. There are a variety of questions you should ask a surgeon when comparing doctors. We offer helpful tips and advice for our website visitors looking for information on selecting a surgeon.

When you have a major problem that requires surgery you do not want just any surgeon to work on your or your loved one. You want an orthopedic surgeon with vast experience, top training, a history of successful surgeries and who utilizes the latest methods and technology.

Every detail counts in a surgery. One wrong move or cut could mean havoc, large scars or worse yet, your surgery does not result in the pain relief you were supposed to receive. Our goal here at Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute is to obtain the best results possible, use the latest techniques to reduce the healing process and to restore you back to health.

We implore you to please conduct your research before you hire anyone. Our surgeons are among the top in their field and have been creating amazing results for your patients for years. We take your health and well-being very seriously.

To learn more about our esteemed staff of doctors, please give us a call today at Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute at 866-081-67846 or visit our contact page where you can email us directly. We have locations in Jacksonville, Longwood, Orlando, and Plantation, Florida.

We look forward to showing you the amazing results our orthopedic surgeons can provide. Visit your nearest center today by scheduling an appointment.


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