Our Longwood Ortho Center Treats Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

Sea Spine Orthopedics treats shoulder impingement syndrome in LongwoodIf you’re experiencing shoulder pain around the joints then you may have what’s called swimmer’s shoulder or thrower’s shoulder. The technical name for these terms is medically known as shoulder impingement syndrome. This syndrome takes place when the tendons of the rotator cuff becoming impinged, meaning irritated and inflamed. The tendons must pass through the shoulder joint, also known as the subacromial space, and cause pain even more if there is a partial tear.  The good news is that at the Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute in, our orthopedic doctors in Plantation, FL can treat your shoulder syndrome effectively.

What Causes Shoulder Impingement Syndrome?

Shoulder impingement syndrome is caused by repetitive pinching of the tendons which leads to over exhaustion. More complications take place when the tendon begins to thicken, leaving less space for the tendon to pass through. In worst case scenarios the tendon can become obstructed by the shoulder joint and other muscles, causing excruciating pain. However, this syndrome is not strictly caused by the rotator cuff being afflicted and rather than being a true diagnosis, be a sign that something else is wrong in the physiological region. This affliction may be due to shoulder instability, bone spurs, local tendinitis, or other bone dysfunctions.

What Are The Symptoms of Shoulder Impingement Syndrome?

Pain is always an indicator of something being out of sorts but when it comes to this syndrome, pain will be localized in the following physiological regions: the shoulder, the arm, or the neck. Pain may be experienced either in the front or the side of the joint. Other tells consist of limited range of muscular motion, muscle weakness, stiffness in the joints, and muscle tenderness. If participating in sporting events, pain may occur when throwing, hence the name thrower’s shoulder, or when performing overhead movements i.e. swimmer’s shoulder.  

What Does Diagnosis Look Like?

The Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute physicians will first start with your medical history followed by a physical exam before performing any treatments or tests. If a physician determines that further testing is needed, he or she will start with an X-ray exam first. Potential forms of testing will be considered if significant weakness is determined which may result in an ultrasound, MRI, or an arthrogram — an exam that includes x-rays in addition to dye injection known as contrast that allows physicians to see inside of the tendon.

What Treatments Are Available?

Treatment may include:

  • Rest and daily stretching
  • Physical therapy and alternative medical practices including acupuncture
  • Medications: oral anti-inflammatories (aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen) analgesic and steroid
  • Cortisone steroid shots
  • Sports medicine therapy
  • Surgery

What Can I Do If I Think I’m Experiencing Shoulder Impingement Pain?

If you feel that you may have this syndrome try applying ice or a cold therapy compression wrap to the afflicted area. Do this for an average of 10-15 minutes every hour. As the symptom reduces you can apply the compress less and less. However, this doesn’t mean you should not consult a physician, even if the pain subsides substantially. If you are using an ice bag rather than a commercial compress, remember to protect your skin from potential skin irritation by wrapping the ice bag in a wrapped towel. Try taking over the counter pain killers to also alleviate some of the pain. Without knowing what is being afflicted, avoid stretching at this juncture and rest the afflicted area.

Contact Us

If you’re experiencing symptoms of shoulder impingement syndrome call the Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute in Plantation, FL at 866-81-Ortho (67846). Contact us online at seaspineortho.com and view our website for more updates in orthopedic treatment.

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Elbow Dislocation That Can Be Treated By A Plantation Orthopedic

a Plantation orthopedic can treat your dislocated elbowAt Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute, we know how upsetting and uncomfortable it can be to acquire an injury. There are many reasons one may find themselves in a situation where they have been impaired. One injury people may have is called a dislocated elbow. If this happens, you should see a Plantation orthopedic right away to prevent further injury.

What Is A Dislocated Elbow?

A dislocated elbow is when the joints of an elbow are separated. The dislocation can be partial or complete. With a complete dislocation, the joints will be completely separated. In this case, it is vital that you are seen by a Plantation orthopedic that Florida residents trust. With partially separated joints, it is not as severe as a completely dislocated elbow. Sometimes it is referred to as subluxation. There are three parts that come together to make up the joint of an elbow and they all have a distinct shape. Dislocating your elbow can affect its movements such as bending and straightening the arm.

How Can Your Elbow Become Dislocated?

A dislocated elbow is not common and usually occurs when you use your hand to break a fall. The force that hits your hand when you hit the ground travels up to your elbow and can cause dislocation. If you happen to fall and there is a twisting motion involved in trying to break the fall, the elbow may be driven out of its socket. Another way for this injury to occur is when there is a car accident and the passenger reaches out their arms to stop the force of the airbag if one deploys. The elbow keeps stability through the bone surfaces, ligaments, and muscles. Any one of these can become injured when your elbow is dislocated. There is a simple dislocation in which there is no major bone injuries, a complex dislocation which can cause severe ligament and bone injuries, and then finally there is severe dislocations which the nerves and blood vessels that travel up through your arm are injured. In this case, you may have to lose your arm, depending on the severity of the damage. This not common.

How Do Doctors Treat It?

At a Plantation orthopedic that South Florida patients rely on, you will find only the very best care to treat your dislocated elbow. This is considered to be a serious injury and the main goal is to restore the elbows normal alignment. The long-term goal is to restore the function of the arm and come full circle when recovering. There are two treatment options and these are surgical and nonsurgical. After a surgical procedure is performed, you may keep the arm in place with an external hinge which will help prevent another dislocation. It is an extra precaution to take so you can be confident that your arm will heal. If your injury isn’t that severe, you may just need to wear a splint or a sling for a few weeks. Although it is not a serious injury, if you are immobilizing your arm for a long time, you should go to physical therapy to help with arm movements.

How Do I Make An Appointment?

If you are experiencing pain in the joints located in your elbow, contact the Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute today to make an appointment with one of our doctors. You can call us at 888-816-7846 or visit our website!http://seaspineortho.com

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What is Osgood-Schlatter Disease? How Do You Treat It?

Osgood-Schlatter Disease orthopedic doctor in orlandoOsgood-Schlatter Disease is a problem that may arise for adolescents and young children. Knee pain begins to be felt as a result of inflammation that occurs in the area just below the knee in the patellar tendon. The patellar tendon attaches to the shinbone (tibia).


When it comes to the bones of young children, there is a specific area called the growth plate where room for growth occurs. The growth plates are full of cartilage and are found near the end of a bone. Once adulthood is reached, these plates harden.


For active children, during physical exercise, the quadricep muscle pull on the patellar tendons, which in turn pull on the tibial tubercle. It is the repetitive movement of the tubercle which causes the inflammation found inside the growth plate. Most often children and parents will notice that a bump appears under the knee due to this inflammation.


Another reason why this disease affects the young is due to growth spurts. During a growth spurt, children experience a rapid growth in their tendons, ligaments, muscles and bones. This period of quick change can be quite shocking for the body, and as the tendon stretches, the pain can become apparent.


Who Is Most Likely To To Have Osgood-Schlatter Disease?


It has been found that children who are athletic and take part in physical activity are most likely to experience this disease. Why? Simply because the consistent stress placed on the bones and muscleS due to the sport or physical activity.


Running and jumping have a tendency to be the activities that lead the most to this type of condition.


What If I am Not Athletic? Can I Still Get Osgood-Schlatter Disease?


Yes, while most cases have been found in children who participate in sports or are very physically active, quite a number of cases have also been found in children and adolescents who were more sedentary.


Common Symptoms


If you are experiencing one or more of the following, please contact your Orthopedic in Orlando from Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute right away:


  1. Swelling in the area where the tibial tubercle is located
  2. Knee pain at the site of the tibial tubercle
  3. The feeling of tight muscle in front of or in back of your thigh


Once at your doctor’s office, the orthopedic will conduct a thorough examination to ensure that all causes of the knee pain are looked over. Knee pain and swelling can occur due to a number of reasons, and is not always linked to Osgood-Schlatter Disease.


Is Osgood-Schlatter Disease Treatable?


Treatment is focused around reducing or even eliminating the pain so that children can continue on with their daily activities as quickly as possible. A typical treatment will place the child through a series of stretching exercises to prevent the disease from returning and of course, reduce the pain. The stretches are specially designed to relax the muscle in front of and in back of the thigh.


Medications to reduce inflammation are also a common form of treatment. Your orthopedic will likely prescribe a drug to help you resolve your pain faster. The medications are non-narcotic.


Contact Us


Contact your Orthopedic in Orlando today if you or a loved one is experiencing knee pain. Your health is of the uttermost importance to us here at The Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute. Call us today at 866-816-7846.  We also have several locations including Longwood, Jacksonville and Plantation, FL.

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An Orthopedic Surgeon Describes Bursitis

Bursitis orthopedic surgeonBursitis is a chronic, painful condition that affects the small sacs that cushion your bones, tendons, and muscles at major joints. When these sacs, which are also called bursae, become inflamed, this condition is called bursitis. The inflammation occurs most frequently in large joints such as your shoulder, elbow, and hip. It is also common in the knee, heel and big toe. Repetitive movements are strongly associated with the development of bursitis. To discover more information about bursitis treatment, an orthopedic surgeon from the Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute offers an overview of this condition.


Symptoms of Bursitis

When you have bursitis, the affected joint could feel achy or stiff. You may notice that it is swollen and reddish in appearance. The joint is likely to hurt more when you push on it or move it. As the condition progresses, your symptoms could worsen. You could develop disabling joint pain, bruising or a rash over the affected joint or a sharp or shooting pain when you exercise. If you develop excessive swelling, a fever or pain that makes it very difficult to move, there could be an infection in your joint. An infection requires prompt treatment by an orthopedic surgeon.


Causes of Bursitis

The leading cause of bursitis is repetitive motions that irritate the sacs around the joint. Some examples of repetitive motions include doing manual labor that involves lifting your arms above your head or throwing a baseball for an hour every day. Leaning on your elbows, sitting for a long time or spending a lot of time kneeling can also lead to bursitis. Some other factors put you at an increased risk of bursitis. These factors include having a traumatic injury to the joint, developing inflammatory arthritis or getting an infection in the joint.


Tests and Diagnosis for Bursitis

An orthopedic surgeon at the Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute is often able to diagnose bursitis based on your medical history and a physical exam. In some cases, the doctor may order additional tests for you. Those tests could include imaging studies such as X-rays, which could diagnose worn cartilage or a fracture. An ultrasound or MRI may also be done in order to rule out other conditions that could be the cause of your joint pain. Certain lab tests are also helpful with diagnosing the cause of joint inflammation. Your doctor may take a sample of the fluid from the bursae or order blood tests to learn more about your condition.


At-home Care for Bursitis Symptoms

Rest, ice, elevation, and compression of the joint may reduce your symptoms. Your orthopedist may also recommend a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain reliever, such as ibuprofen. Vary your movement and take breaks during repetitive tasks. Try to avoid leaning or sitting in one position for a long amount of time.


Orthopedic Options for Bursitis Treatment

Orthopedic doctors may offer a corticosteroid injection to reduce inflammation in the affected joint. You may also be outfitted with a cane, brace or sling to support your joint. In some cases, surgery is needed. The goal of surgery is to drain the fluid and deliver antibiotics to eliminate any infection present within the joint.

Contact our orthopedic doctors today to obtain bursitis treatment.

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Our Jacksonville Orthopedic Has 5 Accredited Doctors

jacksonville orthopedic accredited doctorsWhen you suffer from back pain, knee pain, or have long-term problems with your spine, you need to be seen by a high-quality team of orthopedic experts such as those who work for Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute. We are one of the leading orthopedic practices in the nation, with locations in Jacksonville, Longwood, Plantation, and Orlando.

Meet our 5 Accredited Doctors

Our facility has five accredited doctors who are proud to serve you. Please take a moment to learn more about our qualified team of experts. If you are looking for quality Jacksonville orthopedic care, this is the ideal place to go for satisfactory results.


Dr. Richard Valenzuela


Dr. Richard Valenzuela has recently joined the family here at Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute. He is an orthopedic surgeon and gained his medical degree from the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara. Dr. Valenzuela has been involved in orthopedics for nearly 20 years. He specializes in repairing issues with the knees, ankles, and shoulders.


Dr. Andrew Joshua Appel


Dr. Andrew Joshua Appel is a board certified orthopedic surgeon. His training experience includes Fellowship Trained Orthopedic Traumatology & Fellowship Training Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon. He also studied at Brown University School of Medicine.


Dr. Appel’s specialties include orthopedic spine surgery, and surgical procedures for the neck, back, and spine.


Dr. Ronald B. Joseph


Dr. Ronald B. Joseph is a board certified orthopedic surgeon – Fellowship trained Hand and Microvascular Surgeon. He specializes in orthopedic surgery, issues of the hands and the upper extremities.


Dr. Joseph received his education from Northwestern University and Mayo Graduate School of Medicine – Orthopedic Surgery Rochester, Minnesota. He has published several studies on the treatment of various types spine and joint pain. And he is a member of the North American Spine Society, as well as the Florida Orthopedic Society and the American Medical Association.


Dr. James T. Gilas

Dr. James T. Gilas is a board-certified physician in orthopedics and certified in acupuncture. He specializes in problems with the joints and spine. He works as a consultant practitioner at Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute and had his own private practice from 1994 to 2006.


Dr. Gilas received his Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Ioannina in Ioannina, Greece. He also took his internship at the Department of Physical Medical and Rehabilitation at New York Medical College in Valhalla, New York. When you visit our Jacksonville orthopedic location, you can request to see Dr. Gilas or one of the many associations we have available.


Dr. Michael A. Thomas


Dr. Michael A. Thomas is a Neurosurgeon and has many years of experience as a medical specialist. He is qualified to treat various diseases that affect the nervous system including those that cause harm to the spine, spinal cord, brain, or peripheral nerves.


Dr. Thomas is currently affiliated with the University of Miami Hospital. He received his Bachelor of Arts Biology Major at William Jewell College. He also studied Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery at Oklahoma State University.

Contact Us Right Away!

If you are like so many others living with back and spinal issues, it is time to take charge of your life and visit the Jacksonville Orthopedic clinic near you. You will be assisted by one of these qualified doctors and receive some of the best care and support in the state of Florida. Call us today to schedule an appointment at the location nearest you.

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Orthopedic Surgeons Discuss The Difference Between A Soft & Hard Cast

Orthopedic Surgeons castsAt the Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute, you can be sure that you are in the best care with our comprehensive treatment and evaluations. We are known as one of the most elite orthopedic doctors in the country which is why we are orthopedic surgeons Jacksonville FL communities rely on. Injuries can be stressful and affect your daily life until they are healed and our surgeons will make sure you are back to your injury free self in no time with knowledge of the latest medical technology.

The Difference Between Hard & Soft Casts

Soft Casts


A soft cast is usually made from flexible fiberglass material that is molded to the patient’s injury. They can be used by athletes after the healing of an injury for extra support and a lower risk of recurrent injury. A soft cast is mostly for partially healed wrist fractures or for any other small fractures. A 1” stockinette is used for thumb injuries and a 2” stockinette is used for the arm. Casts may be longer or shorter depending on where the injury is located and how bad it is. A soft cast is made to be removable and is held in place with an ace bandage. Sometimes there is extra padding on the outside to lower the risk of further injury and to protect the healing process of the injury. The application of a soft cast is almost the same as a hard cast. Soft casts can be easy to apply so let the specialized orthopedic surgeons Jacksonville FL patient’s trust in fit you for your soft cast.  


Hard Casts

A hard cast, sometimes referred to as an orthopedic cast, is a hard shell made from fiberglass or plaster. This type of cast is hard and not removable or fitted for flexibility. This casts main function is to hold and stabilize broken bones until the bone heals. If you have to be fitted for a hard cast, it may affect your daily life more than if you had a small fracture in which you would have a soft cast. A plaster bandage consists of a cotton bandage which is combined with plaster of paris which will harden after it is made wet. Plaster of Paris is grinded to a fine powder that water is added to in order to harden the cast. The cast takes about an hour to mold and create and about 72 hours to fully dry. Today, most casts are made from synthetic materials which are lighter and dry much faster than the original plaster cast. Plaster is still a great material to use because it can be more easily molded and in turn provide a more comfortable fit. Also, plaster is much smoother and does not get caught on clothes or irritate the skin. Broken bones are a serious matter and for the best healing process, visit the orthopedic surgeons Jacksonville FL patients trust to be fitted for a cast.

Call The Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute

The Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute knows that dealing with broken or fractured bones can be painful and impact your everyday life. When you have an injury that is causing you pain, call us to make an appointment. We are fully educated on the different types of injuries that may need a soft or hard cast. You can contact us at 866-816-7846 or visit our website! http://seaspineortho.com   


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Our Orthopedic Surgeon Accepts Many Forms of Insurance

orthopedic surgeon accept insuranceIf you have been the victim of an accident or another circumstance, you may be dealing with severe pain in the aftermath. Spinal pain is the kind of condition that can severely limit your mobility and disrupt your daily life. It can cause you to miss work, school, and other important occasions. Worst of all, it can cost you a lot of money to pay for the medical attention you need. If you’re dealing with severe pain, it’s time to find an orthopedic surgeon who can help you get back on your feet.

You Don’t Need to Be Afraid of Not Meeting Your Insurance Standards

One of the biggest fears that people have when seeing an orthopedic surgeon is that they may not qualify due to having the wrong form of insurance. This keeps many people living day to day in fear and pain when they shouldn’t be. If you have been putting off seeing a surgeon due to this reason, it’s time for you to stop worrying and get better. Our surgical staff are equipped to take many different forms of insurance. All you need to do is contact us to let us know what your needs are. We can work with you to make sure that your insurance covers your operation and all of the resulting charges.

There’s No Need to Put Off an Important Orthopedic Operation

There is never any need to wait to get the surgical procedure you need. This is especially the case when it comes to orthopedic surgery. This is a delicate operation that requires great care and a fair amount of time to heal in the aftermath. If you are afraid that your insurance might not cover the operation, please rest assured that this is most likely not the case. Our staff accepts many different forms of insurance. We are sure to be able to work with you in order to get you the medical care you require.

When you are in pain, the last thing you want to worry about is your insurance coverage. The sooner you receive your operation and post-surgical care, the better. We can also work with your insurance company to make sure that you are fully covered. This way, we can see to it that nothing will prevent you from receiving the care you need to make a full recovery from your injury.

Contact the Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute For More Info Today

There is no reason for you to continue to live your life in pain. You cannot merely exist day to day with severely limited mobility and a fear of moving. Instead of enduring this state of affairs, it’s time to do something about it. You can contact a professional orthopedic surgeon who can help you regain your health, happiness, and independence. Best of all, you can get the help you need for a price that won’t be too out of your budget. It’s time to stop living your life in pain. Feel free to contact the Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute for more info on what they can do for you.

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An Orlando Orthopedic Discusses Spinal Cord Stimulators

Orlando Orthopedic Spinal Cord Stimulator

The Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute is the perfect place to find an orthopedic surgeon located in Orlando, Florida. Other office locations include Jacksonville and Longwood. At the Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute, the centers are considered to be the most elite orthopedic practices in the country. The size and strength of the company allows for a larger depth of knowledge. All of the physicians are specialty trained as well. Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute is the best Orlando orthopedic. 

Neck and/or Back Problems? The Orlando sea orthopedic location for The Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute specializes in area such as, Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion, Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion, Facet Fixation, Herniated (slipped) disc, Infection of the spine, Injury to the spine, Scoliosis, Spinal stenosis, Spinal tumor, Fractures, and Spinal cord injuries. No matter how common or uncommon your problem may be, this Orlando orthopedic offers the best treatment. There are four different orthopedic surgeons, one at each location! Come visit us today!


Spinal Cord Stimulators

Spinal cord stimulation is a treatment for pain that uses a mild electric current to block nerve impulses in the spine. A spinal cord stimulator is often referred to as a dorsal column stimulator which is a device placed under your skin in order for the body to receive the electric current. A small wire carries the current from a pulse generator to the nerves of the spinal cord.

Who Receives Them?

This may not seem like a common thing because a lot of people haven’t heard of it but around 14,000 people a year go through this treatment. People undergo this treatment to avoid surgery or a non-medical way to minimize pain.

History Of Spinal Cord Stimulation

Spinal cord stimulation was first used in 1967 and in 1989 it was approved by the FDA. It used to relieve pain from people with nerve damage pretty much on all areas of the body. After being approved by the FDA, this treatment is used for 90 percent of neuromodulation treatments. As people age, Spinal cord stimulation is expected to grow even larger. If you pinched nerves you should definitely check out an Orlando Orthopedic who will gladly walk you through the treatment.

Trial Periods

Spinal cord Stimulation can be tried for a short time before a patient commits to anything permanent like an implant. The trial period has a 2 step screening process which will decide who is most likely to benefit from having the procedure done. The good news is, if a patient decides they want to pull out of the trial, they can with a painless process. To determine if you are the right fit for Spinal cord stimulation, visit an Orlando Orthopedic who will make sure your experience is painless and you are comfortable with the trials.

Contact Our Orthopedic Institute Today!

The Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute has four convenient locations all overFloridaa to be more convenient to you. Their website is, http://seaspineortho.com. For the Orlando location, the address is 6001 Vineland Road Suite 116 Orlando, FL 32819. Other locations and addresses are located on their website. And to conclude, their phone number is 866-816-7846.

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Trigger Point Injections at Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute

Orthopedic Surgeons in Jacksonville FlThe Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute in Jacksonville, Florida offers you a wide range of quality consultation services and treatment to relieve your pain. Our Institute boasts four convenient offices that are located throughout the state of Florida. Our comprehensive size and strengths allow us to give you the best services that you could access in an orthopedic clinic. The best Orthopedic Surgeons in Jacksonville FL are found at Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute.


Suppose you get into an accident and get injured; Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute offers you quality treatment which you will receive from the crème de la crème orthopedic surgeons in Jacksonville FL. We can provide our patients with appointments that are easy to schedule to receive consultation from our highly qualified physicians.


Amongst the services that Sea Spine’s surgeons offer is trigger point injections. You can be guaranteed to receive the best care because our clinics are equipped with modern technology and a team of knowledgeable physicians.


What Are Trigger Point Injections?


The best orthopedic surgeons in Jacksonville Fl will attend to you in case you’ve suffered any muscle injuries by administering the trigger point injection. This injection particularly helps to relieve patients from immense pain emanating from the injured part(s) of the muscle. With proper evaluation from our team of qualified doctors, you can rest assured that the trigger point injection will be effective.


What Do They Treat?


The trigger point injections are used to treat involved muscles in any area of your body. The neck, back, and the shoulders are usually the common areas injected. Orthopedic injuries can create problems in your day to day activities. Regardless of the part of your body that is injured, Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute ensures you are cared for by a team of world-class orthopedic surgeons.


Trigger point injections are dispensed by our doctors, who are situated in each of the four Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute offices within Florida. The process usually takes a couple of minutes, and your doctor may recommend repeat visits at his office for the treatment to be done again. The treatment mostly commences with the doctor injecting anesthetics to calm your pain.


The orthopedic surgeon will insert a small needle into your trigger point and inject a local anesthetic. This medication provides pain relief and relaxes involuntary muscular contractions. A steroid medication is sometimes included in your injection. Trigger point injections are usually followed by physical therapy treatments whose purpose is to relieve your pain and muscle stretching.


A trigger point injection at our esteemed clinic may be right for you if you have extremely painful and tight muscles that fail to relax. You may be able to feel the knot or convulsive movements. The orthopedic specialists at Sea Spine may also use the trigger point injection to treat tension, headaches, and fibromyalgia.


In case you are in Jacksonville and are in need of orthopedic services, you can visit our clinic and receive the required attention that you may need to ease muscular pain. With the trigger point injection, the physicians can give you a brief course of treatment that will give you sustained relief by alleviating your pain.

Contact Us!

With the best orthopedic practitioners in Jacksonville at your disposal, you can be certain that the appropriate procedures will be followed to give you relief from your pains. Our team is dedicated to providing quality medical care. The medical practitioners at our clinic also follow up on the progress of the patient in case further treatment is required. The trigger point injection has proven to be an effective method for treating painful areas of the muscle. Please feel free to contact us today!

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The Importance of Individual Medical Evaluations

Longwood OrthopedicsIn some medical circumstances, you may find yourself needing or being asked to participate in an independent medical evaluation. When looking for Longwood Orthopedics with a location nearby, an office like Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute has the ability to perform the necessary examination to produce objective results. A carefully-drawn conclusion from a physician who is unbiased toward a patient or other third party that is involved may offer the support needed to take care of any issues questioning the specifics of an injury and how it occurred.


What Purpose Do the Evaluations Serve?


Oftentimes, an insurance company may request that an independent medical evaluation be done in order to gain an understanding of an individual’s specific health condition and recommended treatment. Some people may need to prove a work-related injury or illness through this option as well, therefore the objectivity of the physician is key. A full exam allows the physician to determine the extent of an injury caused by a certain incident and make comments regarding the proposed recovery time and treatment plan. In some cases, the outcome of the exam may indicate if a person is able to resume work duties at a given time. In others, this information could be used in a legal case to support either the defense or plaintiff’s position in the matter in question.


The General Process


One difference in an independent medical evaluation is that typical patient confidentiality usually doesn’t apply. Results of such assessments may be shared with insurance companies or court systems in order to resolve a legal matter appropriately. Prior to the examination, the physician generally receives relevant documentation regarding the patient’s condition and will review the information as part of the assessment process. The physical exam itself is generally similar to any other doctor’s visit for evaluating injuries or illnesses.


In addition, the patient and physician will engage in a thorough conversation regarding the incident that led to the injury or condition in question and work from there to determine if the recommended treatment is warranted and what the expected recovery could consist of. The assessment typically is not performed in order to generate a second opinion; it is simply to guide the litigation process for legal cases involving injuries incurred at the workplace or some other location.

It is best to consult with several Longwood Orthopedics about which route to take.


The Bottom Line


Independent medical evaluations from a Longwood Orthopedics professional may prove to be instrumental in clarifying a health condition, personal injuries, or work-related injuries. An objective assessment is taken in order to provide the patient, insurance company, and sometimes, a judge, with pertinent details that could allow the matter to be resolved. In an ideal situation, the results of such an assessment will confirm a declared injury and lead to the appropriate handling of matters. Regardless of the circumstance surrounding the reason for the independent medical evaluation, the goal is to conduct a proper and relevant medical exam, review the results, consider other related documentation, and propose a professional opinion on what took place and the impact of the incident on the patient’s health or well-being. If managed according to the standards placed on such assessments, the independent medical evaluations could be an invaluable tool for preparing a case for litigation or protecting a patient if a work-related injury is inappropriately handled.

Contact Us!

For further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. At Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute, we have the experience necessary to complete your medical evaluation request.

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