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Our Longwood Orthopedics at the Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute in Longwood, FL are some of the most talented and experienced professionals in their field. They have dedicated their lives to specializing in this field and are here to assist you with all of your orthopedic needs.

If you are searching for orthopedic advice, then make sure to click on this category to give you a quick and easy list of blog topics written around this subject. It is important that you inform yourself as much as possible about what may be calling your ailment, and then call your healthcare professional to help diagnose and resolve any pain or discomfort that you are feeling.

We hope that these blog posts are helpful in your quest to find the best orthopedic care. to make an appointment with one of our doctors simply contact us or stop by one of the many office locations we have throughout Florida. We look forward to working with you.


Our Longwood Ortho Center Treats Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

If you’re experiencing shoulder pain around the joints then you may have what’s called swimmer’s shoulder or thrower’s shoulder. The technical name for these terms is medically known as shoulder impingement syndrome. This syndrome takes place when the tendons of

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The Importance of Individual Medical Evaluations

In some medical circumstances, you may find yourself needing or being asked to participate in an independent medical evaluation. When looking for Longwood Orthopedics with a location nearby, an office like Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute has the ability to perform

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