The Ankle and Foot problems that you may experience can often be cured (or the effects greatly reduced) when treated by an experienced Orthopedic foot and ankle doctor. You do not have to carry on with the tremendous pain that may be present currently.

The conditions that we treat are not limited to the list below only, but this does serve as a starting point. If you have ankle and foot problems that are not mentioned below, simply speak to one of our staff members today by calling 866-816-7846 or contact us.

  • Bunions: most commonly found at the joint at the base of the big toe, bunions are bony bumps that appear and most often cause discomfort.
  • Fasciitis: The plantar fascia is a ligament (band of tissue) that connects your toes to the heel bone. This ligament is directly correlated to the support that the arch of the foot receives. When not in the best of health, heel pain occurs.
  • Foot and ankle deformities: deformities such as shortened toes, isolated toe, ankle swelling and much more can be treated at our orthopedic center
  • Fractures: an ankle and foot fracture can cause pain all the way up to the knee. It is important to pinpoint the break and care for it right away to ensure proper placement and healing.
  • Hammer toe: this type of deformity is characterized by a toe that curls under or point downwards rather than forward.
  • Heel pain: heel pain is often caused by repetitive wear and tear over time.
  • Heel spurs: when calcium deposit builds up to the point where they produce bony spurs, a heel spur has come about. This can be quite painful for patients.
  • Joint pain and arthritis: treatment must address both the joint deformity and pain.
  • Sprains: sprains most often come about from a twisting of the ankle, ankle rolls, or an awkward turn of the toe or foot.
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome: this condition occurs when the nerve is compressed in the foot causing ankle pain.
  • Sesamoiditis: this pain is felt at the joint of the big toe most commonly and causes inflammation or fracture.

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