At Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute, we know how upsetting and uncomfortable it can be to acquire an injury. There are many reasons one may find themselves in a situation where they have been impaired. One injury people may have is called a dislocated elbow. If this happens, you should see a Plantation orthopedic right away to prevent further injury.

What Is A Dislocated Elbow?

A dislocated elbow is when the joints of an elbow are separated. The dislocation can be partial or complete. With a complete dislocation, the joints will be completely separated. In this case, it is vital that you are seen by a Plantation orthopedic that Florida residents trust. With partially separated joints, it is not as severe as a completely dislocated elbow. Sometimes it is referred to as subluxation. There are three parts that come together to make up the joint of an elbow and they all have a distinct shape. Dislocating your elbow can affect its movements such as bending and straightening the arm.

How Can Your Elbow Become Dislocated?

A dislocated elbow is not common and usually occurs when you use your hand to break a fall. The force that hits your hand when you hit the ground travels up to your elbow and can cause dislocation. If you happen to fall and there is a twisting motion involved in trying to break the fall, the elbow may be driven out of its socket. Another way for this injury to occur is when there is a car accident and the passenger reaches out their arms to stop the force of the airbag if one deploys. The elbow keeps stability through the bone surfaces, ligaments, and muscles. Any one of these can become injured when your elbow is dislocated. There is a simple dislocation in which there is no major bone injuries, a complex dislocation which can cause severe ligament and bone injuries, and then finally there is severe dislocations which the nerves and blood vessels that travel up through your arm are injured. In this case, you may have to lose your arm, depending on the severity of the damage. This not common.

How Do Doctors Treat It?

At a Plantation orthopedic that South Florida patients rely on, you will find only the very best care to treat your dislocated elbow. This is considered to be a serious injury and the main goal is to restore the elbows normal alignment. The long-term goal is to restore the function of the arm and come full circle when recovering. There are two treatment options and these are surgical and nonsurgical. After a surgical procedure is performed, you may keep the arm in place with an external hinge which will help prevent another dislocation. It is an extra precaution to take so you can be confident that your arm will heal. If your injury isn’t that severe, you may just need to wear a splint or a sling for a few weeks. Although it is not a serious injury, if you are immobilizing your arm for a long time, you should go to physical therapy to help with arm movements.

How Do I Make An Appointment?

If you are experiencing pain in the joints located in your elbow, contact the Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute today to make an appointment with one of our doctors. You can call us at 888-816-7846 or visit our website!