If you have suffered from hamstring injury, it is important to receive hamstring strain treatment, but is there a way to prevent the injury altogether? At the top Orlando orthopedic office of Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute, you can get the expert advice from doctors who know how best to keep you from getting a hamstring injury. If you do get a hamstring injury, you can get treatment from experienced doctors to heal completely and move forward with your life. Contact us to learn more about hamstring treatment and schedule an appointment with a doctor.


What is a Hamstring Injury?


When you suffer from a hamstring injury, you are tearing the muscle away from the bone. In severe cases, the tendon falls away from the bone entirely. This causes intense pain for the patient. A hamstring typically occurs because of a muscle overload where the muscle is stretched beyond its capacity over a long period of time or is suddenly challenged.

Hamstring injuries are entirely preventable. By implementing a hamstring injury prevention program with your baseball team, you can stop a good amount of hamstring injuries from occurring. This is actually proven by a study that was presented at the American Orthopaedic Society of Sports Medicine’s (AOSSM) Annual Meeting in 2016. The study found that those who followed the implement hamstring injury prevention program had a 40% reduction in hamstring injuries. It also showed that by having this program in place, even those who suffered from a hamstring injury still experienced shorter times being unable to play.

Should You Get Hamstring Strain Treatment?


There are a number of ways to recover from a hamstring injury which is why it is so important for you to consult with a doctor about whether or not you require treatment. The degree to which you are injured is going to dictate what kind of treatment you need. Your doctor may suggest surgery as an option if the strain is severe enough. However, you may be able to recover simply by icing the injury or beginning a regimen of physical therapy. To learn more about what kinds of treatment you will require, speak with your doctor about your injury and ask about which hamstring strain treatment will be best for you.

The Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute in Orlando is the Orlando orthopedic doctor to turn to if you have suffered from a hamstring injury. While hamstring injuries are preventable, they are all too common, so contact Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute if you need treatment for your hamstring injury.


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