A hand or wrist injury can significantly impact the way you do your job or handle everyday tasks like grooming, cleaning, or shopping. In addition to discomfort and inconvenience, many victims are concerned about permanent impaired use of the hand or wrist. Fortunately, orthopedic treatment by a Jacksonville Orthopedic can reduce pain, increase flexibility, and improve overall use.

When an injury has been diagnosed and any immediate or emergency treatment provided, the general practice physician will likely refer the patient to a local orthopedic practice. In the Jacksonville area, Sea Spine Orthopedic services offer a full range of treatment to help the injured wrist or hand return to regular use quickly and correctly. The Jacksonville orthopedic center provides convenient hours of operation and fully-licensed staff who have experience with these types of injuries.

Hand & Wrist Jacksonville Orthopedic

The orthopedic director will receive and review the patient’s medical referral from the regular doctor. Then a thorough examination of the injured hand or wrist will be done to determine the scope of the problem and any special area of extra need or concern. Orthopedic orders, similar to a prescription, will be written for the patient and carried out by support staff who are trained for this purpose. Treatment may begin on the same day the patient is first evaluated, or later appointments might be scheduled, depending on staff availability and patient convenience.

Depending on the nature of the injury and the prescribed Jacksonville orthopedic treatment, patients may be scheduled for two or three weekly physical therapy appointments that last between 45 minutes and 90 minutes on average. A staff orthopedic specialist will update the patient’s file, including increased range of motion and keeping up with prescribed at-home exercises. Pain management will be discussed, along with updating medicine prescriptions as needed.

The warm up activity comes next to prepare for the day’s focused work out on the injured hand or wrist. Then the licensed physical therapy specialist will check the hand or wrist range of motion and pain level, often manipulating the affected area to improve motion extension, especially if the patient had worn a cast for several weeks.

Many patients are given a series of warm-up activities to condition the body for targeted treatment on injured parts. Warm-ups often include five or ten minutes on a stationary bike or another whole-body movement activity to enhance circulation and improve the patient’s physical preparation for focused treatment. Exercises to do at home will be recommended or altered, depending on the patient’s progress.


Allow Your Injury To Heal Fully


The orthopedic doctor will be consulted with any important updates or problems. If progress is not made in a timely manner, x-rays may be taken to see if the injury is healing as expected. Treatment may be revised as a result to facilitate the healing process.

Sea Spine Orthopedic cares about patient progress and offers top quality evaluation and treatment to help hand or wrist injuries heal as soon as possible, so the patient can resume normal activities. In addition, side effects of the injury, including pain, will be managed effectively to reduce discomfort and promote a speedy recovery.

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