Interventional Pain Medicine is a growing field that utilizes a variety of procedures such as injections, physical therapy, and nerve blocks, to treat painful injuries.

Our physicians are board certified with specialty training in pain medicine. We realize that living with pain can be quite detrimental to your mood and ability to take part in many of life’s enjoyable activities. Through the care of a board-certified orthopedic doctor, patients can receive the best care available with a thorough treatment plan that takes into account all the latest technologies and methods to help patients achieve relief.

A Legitimate interventional pain management practice DOES NOT routinely prescribe narcotics. This is something that our patients have mentioned again and again, that they really respect about our clinic. We believe in treating pain with all of the skills and tools available without the use of narcotic medications. Medications, when necessary, are often prescribed with nonaddictive components to ensure that our patients do not acquire a dependency on medication to treat their pain symptoms.

When patients visit our Orthopedic Institute, they are given a thorough evaluation to determine the very source of the pain, then medically-responsible treatment plans are derived for each patient.

Our goal is to help alleviate your pain and eventually have it cease to occur. We thank you for your trust in our work and look forward to helping you live a pain-free lifestyle through our interventional pain management plans in Orlando, Plantation, Jacksonville, and Longwood, Florida.  We also have a location in Southfield, Michigan.

To speak to one of our staff or to make an appointment please call our office at 866-816-7846 or visit our contact us page where you can expect to receive a response from one of our staff within 24-48 hours. Interventional pain management has proven to be an effective treatment in managing pain for many of our patients, and we hope that it will be a success for you too.

To find out which insurance plans we carry, please visit our “insurance plan” page found on  to verify the carriers we accept and if your insurance is one of our approved companies.


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