In some medical circumstances, you may find yourself needing or being asked to participate in an independent medical evaluation. When looking for Longwood Orthopedics with a location nearby, an office like Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute has the ability to perform the necessary examination to produce objective results. A carefully-drawn conclusion from a physician who is unbiased toward a patient or other third party that is involved may offer the support needed to take care of any issues questioning the specifics of an injury and how it occurred.


What Purpose Do the Evaluations Serve?


Oftentimes, an insurance company may request that an independent medical evaluation be done in order to gain an understanding of an individual’s specific health condition and recommended treatment. Some people may need to prove a work-related injury or illness through this option as well, therefore the objectivity of the physician is key. A full exam allows the physician to determine the extent of an injury caused by a certain incident and make comments regarding the proposed recovery time and treatment plan. In some cases, the outcome of the exam may indicate if a person is able to resume work duties at a given time. In others, this information could be used in a legal case to support either the defense or plaintiff’s position in the matter in question.


The General Process


One difference in an independent medical evaluation is that typical patient confidentiality usually doesn’t apply. Results of such assessments may be shared with insurance companies or court systems in order to resolve a legal matter appropriately. Prior to the examination, the physician generally receives relevant documentation regarding the patient’s condition and will review the information as part of the assessment process. The physical exam itself is generally similar to any other doctor’s visit for evaluating injuries or illnesses.


In addition, the patient and physician will engage in a thorough conversation regarding the incident that led to the injury or condition in question and work from there to determine if the recommended treatment is warranted and what the expected recovery could consist of. The assessment typically is not performed in order to generate a second opinion; it is simply to guide the litigation process for legal cases involving injuries incurred at the workplace or some other location.

It is best to consult with several Longwood Orthopedics about which route to take.


The Bottom Line


Independent medical evaluations from a Longwood Orthopedics professional may prove to be instrumental in clarifying a health condition, personal injuries, or work-related injuries. An objective assessment is taken in order to provide the patient, insurance company, and sometimes, a judge, with pertinent details that could allow the matter to be resolved. In an ideal situation, the results of such an assessment will confirm a declared injury and lead to the appropriate handling of matters. Regardless of the circumstance surrounding the reason for the independent medical evaluation, the goal is to conduct a proper and relevant medical exam, review the results, consider other related documentation, and propose a professional opinion on what took place and the impact of the incident on the patient’s health or well-being. If managed according to the standards placed on such assessments, the independent medical evaluations could be an invaluable tool for preparing a case for litigation or protecting a patient if a work-related injury is inappropriately handled.

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