What is a Tennis Elbow and what are its’ symptoms?

Epicondylitis or tendinitis, also known as Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow, is a very common condition that causes swelling of the elbow tendons. The swelling of the elbow causes severe pain not only in the affected area, but also in other areas such as the hand, wrist, the upper arm, and the low arm. Our Longwood orthopedics see these cases quite commonly throughout the week.

What causes Tendinitis?

The cause of this condition lies on the constant use of the arm in many different sports or daily activities such as golf, tennis, weightlifting, swimming, typing, writing, painting, knitting, and much more. The constant practice of these activities causes stress on the elbow tendons and makes the muscles strain. If not allowed to rest properly afterward, these activities could cause microscopic tears in the tendon’s tissues over time. Thus, making the person feel severe pain when performing any arm-related activities. This pain can prevent you from completing normal daily activities, and even working.

What types of procedures or treatments help to alleviate the pain?

There are a variety of treatments/procedures that our Longwood orthopedics can apply in order to help you recover from the swelling and pain, and provide you with “physical freedom” again. Surgery is not always needed for this kind of condition since in most cases the following treatments will do the trick relatively quickly:



  • Physical Therapy
  • Injections
  • Icing the elbow
  • Wearing an elbow strap
  • Motion Exercises
  • Medical Resting


However, if none of these treatments have a positive outcome, you might be suffering from a severe case and will need surgery. The surgery consists in removing only the damaged area of the tendon, while leaving the healthy part intact. While a viable option, it is recommended to try to utilize all of the options above first.

I practice a variety of arm-related sports. How can I prevent this from happening to me?

Tennis elbow is a very common topic patients ask about. The answer to the question is really simple: avoid overusing your arms and elbows. After doing exercise or any other daily activity, make sure to take the proper rest and give your body time to recover from the efforts made. Everything is dangerous in excess, even physical activity. Another beneficial way to avoid falling victim to this common condition is by consuming the proper amounts of vitamins.

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