Perhaps you can relate to the following scenario: You have immense pain in your shoulder. You’ve tried rest, over-the-counter medications, physical therapy, even cortisone injections — yet nothing’s relieved the pain. Now you may be thinking, “It’s time to find an orthopedic surgeon near me.” The specialists at the Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute in Plantation, FL may have the solution for you: a reverse shoulder replacement.


Can an Orthopedic Surgeon Near Me Explain this Procedure?

Your shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint. The “ball” portion of the joint is the top portion of your humerus (or arm) bone. The “socket” portion of the joint is the flat part of the shoulder blade. In a standard shoulder replacement, an orthopedic doctor would surgically replace the “ball” portion with a metal ball, and the “socket” portion with a plastic piece, just as the joint occurs naturally.


In a reverse shoulder replacement (sometimes called a “reverse prosthesis”), metal and plastic pieces are still used. However, in this procedure, the “ball” is actually placed on the “socket” side of the joint — opposite of how the joint occurs naturally. The new “socket” is created with a plastic and metal stem that’s inserted into the arm bone. This construction allows the ball to move within the socket, giving the patient the ability to move their arm as normal.


Who May Need a Reverse Shoulder Replacement?

You may be wondering why this procedure may be necessary. After all, the surgical reconstruction of your ball and socket joint in a reverse shoulder replacement seems backwards, doesn’t it? You may be asking yourself, “Why would I want to seek out an orthopedic surgeon near me that completes this procedure when a standard shoulder replacement seems more logical?” The reality is that a reverse prosthesis may actually work better for some patients, especially those with cuff tear arthropathy (a type of wear and tear that often results in degenerative arthritis). You may want to speak with an orthopedic doctor to discuss how you might benefit from this procedure if you’ve had:


  • a previous shoulder replacement surgery that has not worked
  • a shoulder that has been chronically dislocated
  • shoulder pain so severe that you are unable to lift your arm above your head
  • a complex shoulder joint fracture
  • a rotator cuff that has been torn and can not be repaired
  • shoulder joint tumor(s)


How Long Will it Take For The Procedure?


Normally, a reverse shoulder replacement procedure takes an orthopedic doctor approximately 2 hours to complete. During the surgery, the doctor will create an incision on your shoulder (usually either on the top or front). Once you’ve been incised, the surgeon will remove the damaged bone and then insert the new ball and joint components. After surgery, most patients are able to get out of bed after one day and are released from the hospital after two or three days. Some patients may be required to undergo a period of physical therapy after their procedure.


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