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Soft Casts


A soft cast is usually made from flexible fiberglass material that is molded to the patient’s injury. They can be used by athletes after the healing of an injury for extra support and a lower risk of recurrent injury. A soft cast is mostly for partially healed wrist fractures or for any other small fractures. A 1” stockinette is used for thumb injuries and a 2” stockinette is used for the arm. Casts may be longer or shorter depending on where the injury is located and how bad it is. A soft cast is made to be removable and is held in place with an ace bandage. Sometimes there is extra padding on the outside to lower the risk of further injury and to protect the healing process of the injury. The application of a soft cast is almost the same as a hard cast. Soft casts can be easy to apply so let the specialized orthopedic surgeons Jacksonville FL patient’s trust in fit you for your soft cast.  


Hard Casts

A hard cast, sometimes referred to as an orthopedic cast, is a hard shell made from fiberglass or plaster. This type of cast is hard and not removable or fitted for flexibility. This casts main function is to hold and stabilize broken bones until the bone heals. If you have to be fitted for a hard cast, it may affect your daily life more than if you had a small fracture in which you would have a soft cast. A plaster bandage consists of a cotton bandage which is combined with plaster of paris which will harden after it is made wet. Plaster of Paris is grinded to a fine powder that water is added to in order to harden the cast. The cast takes about an hour to mold and create and about 72 hours to fully dry. Today, most casts are made from synthetic materials which are lighter and dry much faster than the original plaster cast. Plaster is still a great material to use because it can be more easily molded and in turn provide a more comfortable fit. Also, plaster is much smoother and does not get caught on clothes or irritate the skin. Broken bones are a serious matter and for the best healing process, visit the orthopedic surgeons Jacksonville FL patients trust to be fitted for a cast.

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