The Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute in Jacksonville, Florida offers you a wide range of quality consultation services and treatment to relieve your pain. Our Institute boasts four convenient offices that are located throughout the state of Florida. Our comprehensive size and strengths allow us to give you the best services that you could access in an orthopedic clinic. The best Orthopedic Surgeons in Jacksonville FL are found at Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute.


Suppose you get into an accident and get injured; Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute offers you quality treatment which you will receive from the crème de la crème orthopedic surgeons in Jacksonville FL. We can provide our patients with appointments that are easy to schedule to receive consultation from our highly qualified physicians.


Amongst the services that Sea Spine’s surgeons offer is trigger point injections. You can be guaranteed to receive the best care because our clinics are equipped with modern technology and a team of knowledgeable physicians.


What Are Trigger Point Injections?


The best orthopedic surgeons in Jacksonville Fl will attend to you in case you’ve suffered any muscle injuries by administering the trigger point injection. This injection particularly helps to relieve patients from immense pain emanating from the injured part(s) of the muscle. With proper evaluation from our team of qualified doctors, you can rest assured that the trigger point injection will be effective.


What Do They Treat?


The trigger point injections are used to treat involved muscles in any area of your body. The neck, back, and the shoulders are usually the common areas injected. Orthopedic injuries can create problems in your day to day activities. Regardless of the part of your body that is injured, Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute ensures you are cared for by a team of world-class orthopedic surgeons.


Trigger point injections are dispensed by our doctors, who are situated in each of the four Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute offices within Florida. The process usually takes a couple of minutes, and your doctor may recommend repeat visits at his office for the treatment to be done again. The treatment mostly commences with the doctor injecting anesthetics to calm your pain.


The orthopedic surgeon will insert a small needle into your trigger point and inject a local anesthetic. This medication provides pain relief and relaxes involuntary muscular contractions. A steroid medication is sometimes included in your injection. Trigger point injections are usually followed by physical therapy treatments whose purpose is to relieve your pain and muscle stretching.


A trigger point injection at our esteemed clinic may be right for you if you have extremely painful and tight muscles that fail to relax. You may be able to feel the knot or convulsive movements. The orthopedic specialists at Sea Spine may also use the trigger point injection to treat tension, headaches, and fibromyalgia.


In case you are in Jacksonville and are in need of orthopedic services, you can visit our clinic and receive the required attention that you may need to ease muscular pain. With the trigger point injection, the physicians can give you a brief course of treatment that will give you sustained relief by alleviating your pain.

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With the best orthopedic practitioners in Jacksonville at your disposal, you can be certain that the appropriate procedures will be followed to give you relief from your pains. Our team is dedicated to providing quality medical care. The medical practitioners at our clinic also follow up on the progress of the patient in case further treatment is required. The trigger point injection has proven to be an effective method for treating painful areas of the muscle. Please feel free to contact us today!