Tarsal tunnel syndrome is a serious condition that can be a huge deterrent for you in your daily life. Consulting with an Orlando orthopedic doctor can help you understand where you can turn and what your next steps could be. You may require tarsal tunnel surgery, but don’t make that decision on your own. Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute can be the perfect resource for you in getting the consultation you need. They have the resources and expertise to handle your tarsal tunnel syndrome and give you the guidance to recover.

What is tarsal tunnel syndrome?

Tarsal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition wherein the posterior tibial nerve is pressured as it passes the tarsal tunnel just below the inside of the ankle. This causes a burning pain in the actual foot as well as pins and needles. Additionally, it can cause pain in the arch of the foot that expands from that point. It can occur as a result of a traumatic injury or it can be idiopathic, meaning it can appear spontaneously for no reason at all. Overpronation, where the foot is flattened or rolled inward, can be a cause of the syndrome appearing. It can also be a result of arthritis or diabetes.   The symptoms include pain through the foot and occasionally numbness in the sole. The pain may get worse when the patient runs or if they stand for extended periods of time. The pain is also often worse at nighttime.

How can you treat it?

Treatment can range depending on severity. However, rest, cold packs, and over-the-counter pain medication can often resolve initial symptoms. Your doctor may also recommend stretches or exercises in order to aid recovery. They may also do X-rays in order to determine the severity of your injury and better resolve what kind of treatment you may need. Some doctors may recommend surgery if your syndrome is not responding to any other type of treatment.

Is tarsal tunnel surgery an option?

Depending on the severity of your condition and how long you’ve been dealing with it, you may require surgery. If your syndrome has not responded to treatment or pain medication, you may consult your physician for other options. They may recommend surgery. Surgery is, of course, the last resort and the surgery itself can have mixed results. It is essential to have a talented Orlando orthopedic surgeon at your side. At Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute in Orlando, they can provide you with the proper consultation for your particular set of symptoms and severity. Discuss with them whether or not you need tarsal tunnel surgery.

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