When it comes to pain management Jacksonville FL residents rely on the Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute is the place to go. Sometimes prescription medications are not enough and may be too strong. At times they are not the most sustainable solution either. A Trigger point injection can relieve your pain and replace the nuisance of taking pills daily.


What Is A Trigger Point?


A trigger point is a painful, sensitive knot in a muscle. It can be felt underneath the skin and may twitch when pressure is placed on it. The knot may aggravate nerves surrounding it and cause severe pain in that part of the body.


What Is A Trigger Point Injection?


A trigger point injection (TPI) is an injection that is given directly into the trigger point for pain management. The injection may be an anesthetic, a mixture of anesthetics, or a corticosteroid (cortisone medication) alone or mixed with lidocaine. Sometimes, a needle alone is inserted into the trigger point, and no medication is injected. This may be helpful and is referred to as “dry needling.” With the injection, the trigger point is made inactive and the pain is relieved. Overall, it targets the exact area of pain and relieves the stress there.


The Difference Between A Trigger Point Injection and An Epidural


Epidural Steroid injections (ESI) are used in order to reduce swelling or inflammation to relieve muscle pain. This type of anti-inflammatory medicine is injected into the area surrounding the spinal cord and spinal nerves. A few conditions an epidural steroid injection can treat are arthritis, degenerative disc disorders, and lumbar spinal stenosis.


Both trigger point injections and epidural steroid injections offer almost immediate relief for muscle pain and inflammation. If you’ve been experiencing chronic muscle pain please visit a doctor from Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute to see if Trigger Point Injections are a good option for you.


Recovery Time?


The procedure may take 10-15 minutes to complete. After the injection, it is recommended that you rest for a minimum of 30 minutes and that you do not drive that day. Each person responds differently, but mainly you will feel relief in that area within the first few hours after being injected and the relief may last several weeks or months depending on your body.


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